France has a social security system based on solidarity between active and retired workers. This system achieves one of the lowest levels of poverty for people over 60 in the world. Macron is pushing to change this in order to have people retire later with lower pension and to progressively switch to a funded system. We need your help to support workers with strike assistance.

Amount collected since December 5, 2019

$3, 690, 061.41Of which $144, 533 on Stream Reconductible’s Twitch channel.

$3, 690, 061
Amount collected
included cash fund
$3, 580, 094
Amount transferred
$109, 967
Amount available
39, 064
Number of donations
$100, 133
Highest donation
Average number of donations per day
$22, 459
Amount collected on average per day
$138, 796
Cash fund
40, 932
Number of strikers helped
In $ by type of donor
(excluded cash fund)
In number by type of donor
(excluded cash fund)
In $ by payment method
(excluded cash fund)
in number by payment method
(excluded cash fund)

Note: data calculated from December 5, 2019

Workers are upset with the pension reform and more generally with the government and corporations’ policies. Anger is widespread, and calls for a general strike! In order to sustain the strike, we need to act and fund strike assistance to help workers fight for the good of all--may they be yellow vests or red vests, unionized or not…

This strike assistance fund, started in 2016 by CGT Info'Com, is co-managed with other trade unions CGT and SUD, and is meant to support the workers who strike against social regression, high cost of life… and work to defend Labour Laws or to obtain new rights.

Born during the renewable strikes movement against labor law in May 2016, this strike assistance fund has received amazing support, with 555000 euros raised. Crowdfunding made it possible, with over 10,000 participants involved in management choices, and transparency with a daily publication of the use of funds.

This strike assistance fund helps more workers go on strike for a longer period. It is a tool for action, as well as a tool for solidarity and mobilization. Our goal: to support local strikes and prepare protests against social decay.

Transparent, efficient, democratic, our strike assistance fund’s characteristics are :

  • a transparent fund, involving contributors to the distribution criteria and providing them with a balance sheet (1st stage here: https://goo.gl/zNpHVm) ;
  • a fund that is not dedicated to CGT workers or members of another organization, but is open to all the workers in a renewable strike, may they be unionized or not ;
  • a fund with a charter regarding the use of funds whose the rules and criteria are decided by the striking workers and their representatives ;
  • a fund that distributes financial support under 48 hours, as soon as the request has been made by a Union or a strike committee ;
  • an interprofessional fund launched by Info’Com-CGT, but co-managed with other trade unions, for all employees.